Naturally flavored fruit mélange

Be Happy


חתיכות תפוח, היביסקוס, ענבים, קליפות ורדים, סמבוק, מנטה, אורז תופח, זרעי גוארנה, פטל, חתיכות תות, אוכמניות
100 גרם באריזת פאוצ’ השומרת על טריות החליטה
תוקף 06.2023

Iced Tea Be Happy
4-5 tsp Be Happy
10-12 ice cubes
200 ml mineral water
4 peppermint leaves
Infuse the Be Happy fruit mélange in 300 ml boiling water and steep. After it has finished brewing, pour the still hot tea into a carafe with 10-12 ice cubes.
Add some mineral water to the cooled down tea, add a splash of raspberry syrup and garnish with peppermint leaves.

Naturally flavored fruit mélange
A blend of our favorite berries with peppermint and the special extra of “Guarana”. That´s how we really cheer up! Can you taste it? Let us infect you with our good mood!
Also as iced tea a real treat

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